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Cohoes, NY History

imageThe City’s heritage is rich in natural history, manufacturing history and transportation history.  Cohoes is full of historic remnants of the past industrial era, particularly relating to its “Canal Town” & “Mill Town” legacy. Cohoes’ most prominent landmark is the former Harmony Mills textile complex located along North Mohawk Street. Cohoes is known as the “Spindle City” because of it’s history of being the largest producer of cotton cloth in the 1800’s. In addition to the numerous “mill” buildings scattered throughout the City, one can also view nine of the 10 locks from the enlarged Erie Canal that are located in Cohoes. This was the greatest concentration of locks along the canal route and there will soon be a place to view the remains of one of the original Erie Canal locks at Clinton’s Ditch. #Cohoesproud #AllAmericanCity

Cohoes Today

With major arterials as borders, it is evident that Cohoes is one of the most accessible communities in the Capital Region and is well positioned to capture the opportunities that abound due to our region also known as Tech Valley.

The City of Cohoes has experienced great growth and success over the years. It is a community that offers a full venue of services, a great education system, safe neighborhoods, and a high quality of life.

Come join us as we continue working to improve our image in the Capital District and provide a vibrant community for residents, business owners and visitors. 

Mission Statement

Choose Cohoes is a diverse organization, comprised of local business leaders, educators, residents and governmental representatives who take pride in assisting with building a community where individuals, families, businesses and not-for-profit organizations can develop and thrive while enhancing the quality of life within the City of Cohoes.

2015 officers for the Choose Cohoes Group

Don Russell - (Spindles On Remsen) - President

Debbie Visser - (Debbies Glasswares) - Vice President

Lynne Rabideau-Bronk - (The Chop Shop) - Recording Secretary